Spring/Summer 2018 New Releases (Scent)

Say hello to new scents! Fifteen new scents are available this catalog season. Each one comes in a Scentsy Bar (wax), Room Spray, and Scent Circle. As these are spring & summer releases you’ll find lots of fruity and fresh scents – scents that are lighter and refreshing on the nose, and scents that remind you of exotic or tropical locations.

Here are a few of my favorite scents from this release:

  1. Aloe Water & Cucumber – A mellow scent featuring Aloe Water, Cucumber Peel, Palm Frond, and Pineapple nectar
  2. Sheer Leather – this sexy scent features Bergamot, Sandalwood, and a hint of Leather
  3. Darling Dahlia – A sweet and floral scent of Dahlia and Strawberry also features our 2018 ScentTrend fragrance: Heirloom Peach 
  4. Let’s Get Punchy – A new take on an old favorite! If you love Paradise Punch, try this one out. It features Navel Orange, Cherry, and Apple.
  5. All You Need is Love – Sweet and Creamy, this scent is a perfect complement for gifting any of our warmers. It features Coconut Sugar, Vanilla, and Bing Cherry.

Bonus! The PERFECT new Scent & Warmer pairing of the season goes to Rainforest Fern & Rainforest Bungalow. The Rainforest Fern Warmer features large scale palm leaves in vibrant green and Rainforest Bungalow complements this with dewy Lemongrass, Palm Frond, and Aloe Flower scents. 

Check out the full collection:

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