Spring/Summer 2018 Darling & Dashing Scents

Our Darling & Dashing collection is full of staple scents that appeal to both our feminine and masculine senses. Here you’ll find romantic scents like Satin Sheets and Honeymoon Hideaway, manly scents like My Dear Watson and Mystery Man, feminine scents like Pineapple Coconut Vanilla and Pink Haze, and cult classics like Blue Grotto and Sea Salt & Avocado.

A few of my personal favorite from this collection:

  1. Sea Salt & Avocado – First off, this smells nothing like guacamole, so let’s get that right out of the way! This is probably one of my most favorite Scentsy scents – it’s clean, with just a hint of sweetness, fresh, but creamy. It’s complex, but in the best possible way. It features Pink Sea Salt, Valencia Orange, and creamy Avocado.
  2. Blue Grotto – If you could encapsulate a movie into a singular scent, I would say this is the result for a very popular animated mermaid movie. It’s dewy, but fun, subtly sweet, and fresh, full of tropical notes, sweet citrus, and lush botanicals. 
  3. Persian Lime & Sandalwood – This scent is a throwback to our now retired Groom line, but I actually find it to be rather neutral than overtly masculine. It features Lime, Bergamot, and Sandalwood.

Bonus! Pair our Bonfire Beach Scent with the Seas the Day Scentsy Warmer for a perfect beach inspired gift!

Check out the full Darling & Dashing Collection!

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