Spring/Summer 2018 Corner Cafe Scents

Yum! What’s that smell? Are you baking something? – These are all things you’ll hear when you’re warming a scent from our Corner Cafe collection. These are our delicious bakery inspired scents that are warm and classic. 

A few of my faves from this collection:

  1. Lemon Thyme Berry – Perhaps the odd one out in this bunch, this scent features sparkling Lemonade and Strawberry sprinkled with crushed Thyme. Lemon Thyme Berry is a really fresh scent that reminds me of sipping lemonade and strolling through a fresh herb garden.
  2. Pastelitos – This scent first made an appearance in our 2017 Cuban inspired La Habana collection. It features Pineapple, Lime, and a splash of Dark Rum.
  3. Baked Apple Pie – How else can this one be described other than YUM! It smells of baking flaky crust and spiced apples. 
  4. Cozy Chai – Sometimes you just need to evoke the scent of a warm, delicious drink on a cool quiet morning, and this scent does just that with spicy Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, and Caramel.

Bonus! The perfect gift for any coffee lover is our Morning Grind or Love, Laughter, Coffee Scentsy Warmers with a Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar!

Check out all of our Corner Cafe Scents!

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