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Retired Scents

Our Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog officially ends this Friday, August 31st and it’s time to say goodbye to some of your favorite Scentsy scents. Two huge surprises from this retirement list are Camu Camu and Skinny Dippin‘ – both scents are long time customer favorites and will be missed. If either of these are signature scents for your household be sure to check out Scentsy Club, our rebranded autoship program that keeps your favorite scents coming to you even after they head in to the vault.

So, what happens if your favorite scent is on the chopping block? Well, there’s a couple of things you can do:

  1. Scentsy Club – As suggested above, you can always ensure you get your favorite scents with our Scentsy Club autoship option. There will be a brief “open enrollment” period from Sept. 1-22 where all of our discontinued Spring & Summer scents will be available to add. 
  2. Wait and pray for next season. It’s no secret that spring & summer  scents get tucked away in our vaults for fall & winter, but we never really know what’s going to come back the following year until it’s a little too late. If it’s a spring or summer standard, like Aloha Citrus or Lilacs & Violets, it will likely be around the next season. But only the best of the the best New Releases will make it in to future catalogs.
  3. Keep an eye on the clearance section. About a month after a new catalog release you can expect scents that will not be returning for the following catalog season to make an appearance in our clearance section. Check back monthly for added items. 
  4. Wait for a flash sale. You may get lucky, but they’re called a flash sale for a reason – they’re quick & messy! Consultants don’t often have much warning & rarely get to see what’s available before customers. It’s really the luck of the draw with these & you have to be ready to make quick decisions. 
  5. Vote & encourage your friends to vote for the next BBMB campaign. Once or twice a year there will be an open ballot to vote on the next Bring Back My Bars campaign – if you’re able to rally support for a particular scent, it just might make it back in to the mix.
  6. My best advice – stock up now. As consultants we don’t ever know if a retired or discontinued product will make a return during the next catalog season, so if there’s something you like, be sure to stock up before the season ends.

In total we’ll be losing 41 Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles, and Room Sprays; 7 Oils, 9 Scent Paks, 7 Car Bars, 3 Travel Tins, and 2 Scentsy Pods. Our Bath Smoothie & Scrubby Buddy lines will also be discontinued – with 3 products in each category (Bath Smoothies will be replaced with Body Wash in Kid friendly scents in the Fall/Winter Catalog). Shu Shu the Panda Buddy Clip in Jammy Time will also be discontinued as will Luka the Lion and Meeka the Monkey Sidekicks in Newborn Nursery. Only two products are leaving us from our Scentsy Clean line – French Lavender Counter Clean & Kitchen Soap (a personal favorite). From our Body line we will be losing all products (Body Cream, Body Souffle, Body Wash, Fragrance Roller, Hand Cream, Hand Soap, & Lotion) in following three scents: Peach & White Amber, Persian Lime & Sandalwood, and Skinny Dippin’. 

The full list of retiring scents is at the bottom of this article.

Retired Warmers & Diffusers

Thirty Warmers, three diffusers, one wrap, and three warmer stands will be retired this season. With the introduction of our #ScentsyandDisney line, there seems to be a shift in our Kids line and many of the warmers and diffusers that previously appeared in our kids section have been retired or reintegrated into our general warmer & diffuser lines. Personally, I like this shift as there’s really no marked difference in the quality or design of our kids products versus our regular products. “Kid-friendly” scents, warmers, buddies, etc. are just as well enjoyed by adult Scentsy fans. 

A few items that I’m especially crushed over are the Empower Diffuser Shade; Modern Tribal and Indigo Tile Warmers; and Wake Up & Be Awesome, No Place Like Home, and Calavera Mini Warmers. The Empower Diffuser features a really beautiful iridescent finish, pinkish/purple hue, and really elegant almost feminine shape. Modern Tribal and Indigo Tile seem like they’re leaving us a little too soon with the upswing in Global prints and inspiration for home decor (good news – the Mini Indigo Tile warmer will be around for the Fall/Winter Catalog). And finally, the last three Mini Warmers are just bold and fun – you will be able to find full sized Calavera and No Place Like Home Warmers in the Fall/Winter catalog. 

Definitely check the clearance section in October if you’ve missed out on any of our retiring warmers & diffusers. For the full visual list of all of our retiring warmers and scents, check out this Pinterest Board (scheduled to be archived November 1st). 

Discontinued Spring/Summer 2018 List

Scentsy Discontinued Items List Spring/Summer 2018

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