New Releases: New Scents for Fall/Winter 2018

Say hello to new scents! Fifteen brand new scents are available for the fall/winter catalog season. Each one comes in a Scentsy Bar (wax), Room Spray, and Scent Circle. As these are fall & winter releases you’ll find lots of warm and cozy scents – scents that are rich, seasonally appropriate, and scents that remind you of home.

My Top 5 Scents

Here are a few of my favorite scents from this release:

  1. Lavender Cotton: If you know me, you know I have a weakness for clean scents and Lavender Cotton perfectly encapsulates what I imagine when I think of clean. This is definitely my favorite scent of this catalog and maybe even one of my all-time favorites. It features Purple Lavender, Soft Cotton, and Daisy Blossom.
  2. Snowplace Like Home: Another new clean scent featuring Cool Mint and Fresh Air. This reminds me of a cool winter breeze, less bracing than the other mint forward scents in the catalog like Vanillamint or Perfect Peppermint
  3. Breakfast Blend: Get buzzed on the pure scent of rich, just-brewed coffee. This is a wonderful new alternative to the classic Mochadoodle with a more robust, lingering, true coffee scent. 
  4. TIE! Christmas Cactus & Farmhouse Fir: Each of these scents offer a fresh new take on traditional Christmas Tree scent (see Iced Pine & Very Snowy Spruce). If you’re bold and adventurous and possibly already enjoy Sea Salt Avocado, then Christmas Cactus might be right up your alley. It features Agave Nectar, Citrus, and Siberian Fir. Farmhouse Fir is more subdued and smells like what I imagine the Christmastime living room of a certain HGTV star couple known for shiplap and magnolias smells like. It features Fir Needle, Cedarwood and Pink Grapefruit.
  5. Autumn Hearth – Cue up a classic! This is the epitome of a fall scent and features Apple, Cinnamon and Tonka. Pair this with the Give Thanks Milk Can Warmer from our Harvest Collection for the perfect Thanksgiving Hostess Gift! 

Bonus! The PERFECT new Scent & Warmer pairing of the season goes to Cozy Cardigan & Elegance. The Elegance Warmer is the perfect antique shop find recreated in delicately frosted glass, intricate detailing reminiscent of a knitted sweater and a timeless hexagon shape. Cozy Cardigan complements this with scents of soft suede, blushing rose, and amber silk – this scent feels like the perfect night in.

Check out the full Collection of New Releases

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