Laundry & Clean

Laundry & Clean

Keeping things clean has never been so enticing. Our Clean and Laundry products offer performance-enhancing formulas that banish dirt and replace it with sparkling fragrance. 

Meet Scentsy Laundry

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Laundry Liquid

Dirt-Lifting enzymes leave your laundry remarkably clean while our signature fragrance enlivens your clothes & linens.

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Scent Soft

Keep your clothes luxuriously soft, help prevent static and enjoy blissful fragrance all at once with our specialized fabric softener!

amazon rain washer whiffs scentsy poppyscents

Washer Whiffs

Scent granules give clothes, towels, and blankets a fragrance boost with just one scoop in your washer drum! Best when used with Scentsy Laundry Liquid.

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Laundry Love - Bundle & Save

The ultimate Scentsy Laundry experience! Mix & Match your scents with 1 Laundry Liquid, 1 Washer Whiffs Tub, and 2 packs of Dryer Disks.

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Dryer Disks

Imagine pulling your laundry out of the dryer, warm and scented. Add a Dryer Disk to your dryer and infuse your clothes with scent for up to 15 loads.

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Bundle & Save

Mix & Match what you need with our Bundle & Save Laundry Products.

Meet Scentsy Clean

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Scentsy Fresh

Eliminate odors with a simple spritz! Scentsy Fresh absorbs odors and fills the air with beautiful fragrance. Mist on hard-to-wash surfaces such as carpets, furniture and curtains - anywhere you want to experience long-lasting Scentsy fragrance.

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Counter Clean

This all-purpose spray forms a clear barrier on sealed surfaces that repels dirt and gets stronger with regular use.

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Kitchen Soap

Conquer your daily pile of dirty dishes with a mere swipe of the sponge, thanks to biodegradable enzymes that quickly dissolve dirt and food particles. Sulfate and phosphate free.