Diffusers & Oils

Meet our Diffusers

Our diffusers provide the most personal fragrance experience yet. Simply add water and your favorite Scentsy Oil to  the reservoir, choose your light and mist settings and enjoy!

These  are the most advanced ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser on the market. They offer interchangeable decorative shades, deliver a consistent fragrance experience in high, low, and intermittent modes, have  cold-mist technology to release fragrance instantly, and they come with  16 LED light options PLUS a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

How Scentsy Diffusers & Oils Work
How Scentsy Diffusers & Oils Work

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Meet our Oils

Whether you select simple, single-note Essential Oils, 100% Natural Oils or complex Essential Oil Blends, Scentsy Oils infuse your space with artisanal, natural fragrance. Our 100% Natural Oils are a blend of naturally derived ingredients and steam-distilled essential oils. Designed for use in a  Scentsy Diffuser. 30 scents available in 15ml bottles. | $10-$24

100 % Natural Oils

A blend of naturally derived ingredients and premium essential oils. Find premium singular scents, exciting blends, and mood makers to enhance your state of mind.