Be the Hostess with the Mostess!

Earning Host Rewards with Scentsy has never been so easy! I’ll take  care of the details – all you gotta do is  tell me which experience you want and  share away. Oh, I also do fundraisers!

In Home Parties…

scentsy home party with poppyscents

In-Home Party

This is our most standard party format (and it also typically earns your the most rewards) – but it doesn’t have to be hard, or fussy, or boring. This is just a night in with your friends, sipping wine, eating cheese, and experiencing Scentsy hands-on. Set aside about two hours for this experience for 4-20 guests. Must be within 50 miles of 95207. Contact me to schedule!

Basket Parties…

Scentsy Basket Party with PoppyScents

Basket Party

If you’re like me and spend most of your day in an office, this is one of my favorite party methods! Everybody likes to sneak in to the break-room or visit their favorite work-friend and a take a little break away from the grind and play with all the fun-smelling stuff!

All this entails is me stuffing a bag or basket full of scent testers, samples, and catalogs and you sharing it with those you spend the most time with be it at work, in the stands at your kid’s baseball game, the salon, school, or wherever you venture. I do limit these larger basket parties to local residents (within 50 miles of 95207), but if you’re a little farther out (like, anywhere in the US), I have other options!

Pouch Parties…

Scentsy Pouch Party with PoppyScents

Pouch Parties

This is my miniature alternative to the Basket Party. All the same fun, just sized down to fit in your purse. Take these testers, samples, and catalogs wherever you go and share the yummy smelling fun! Available to anybody in the US.

Facebook Parties…

Online Scentsy Party with PoppyScents

Facebook Parties

These are the ultimate low-impact, no cleaning, party in your jammies with a glass of wine, parties! They’re perfectly fun on their own, but you can also up the ante with any other party and add the facebook component to share your Scentsy love with friends and family out of state.

This Isn’t Even A Party, Party!!!

Party Alternatives with PoppyScents


Did you know you can party and collect host rewards without even hosting a party? Without carrying around a basket? Without having a pouch in your purse? Or inviting your friends to a facebook event? Yeah. With our new party page, all we gotta do is create your unique party link and you’re free to share it with whomever you want – even if it’s just YOU! If you’re a frequent shopper, this is a perfect way to build up and earn those rewards!

Get the most when you host!

You can earn  up to four Scentsy products at 50% Off,  FREE products equal to 10-15% of your party’s sales, and  an additional Half-Priced item  when any of your guests hosts and you attend.

Plus you get to have a wicked good time with a consultant who loves to spoil her hosts! Some limitations do apply (such as applying discounts to certain products), which  will be explained  during the booking process.

Scentsy Host Rewards
Host Rewards Example

Fundraisers, baby!

Hold a Scentsy Fundraiser

I do fundraisers! Be it for a school, group, team, or individual – if you need extra funds to support your cause, I can help. (Note: Fundraising rates are determined by each individual consultant).

Fundraiser Options:

  • Catalog Fundraiser – Full catalog of items available to purchase. Earn up to 15% on sales less than $200, 20% on sales $200-$499.99, 25% on sales $500-$1,999.99, 30% on sales $2,000.00+.
  • Scent Circle Fundraiser – Scent Circles are sold in Packs of 6. Earn up to $5/pack for up to 15 packs sold, $6/pack for 16-35 packs sold, $7/pack for 36-135 packs sold, and $8/pack of 6 for 136+ packs sold.
  • Sponsor a Buddy – Sponsor a Buddy Clip, Sidekick, or Current Scentsy Buddy to benefit children in your area. Collect monetary donations of $15-$35 and I will assist you in facilitating the purchase and delivery of these items to your local children’s cause.

Contact me to set up your next fundraiser!

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