2018 Fall/Winter Preview (Scentsy Systems)

Feels Like Home FW2018 Cover

Check out what’s new with our Scentsy Systems (warmers, diffusers, and Scentsy Go) for this Fall/Winter season. You’ve heard about our #ScentsyandDisney collaboration, but now it’s time to talk about the rest of our beautiful Fall/Winter 2018 Catalog. The theme this season is “Feels Like Home,” and it’s a call to the Danish concept of Hygge*. There’s not really a direct translation of Hygge into English, but you can think of it as the embrace of coziness, an appreciation of life’s most important things, and the feeling of comfort. Scentsy aids in achieving peak “hygge” with ambient light, familiar and relaxing scents, and cuddly buddies. This catalog is available beginning Sept. 1, 2018.

*Check out more about living a Hygge lifestyle with this Pinterest board I’ve created here.

New Scentsy Warmers

Twenty-five new warmers are being released this season. Many feature rustic or farmhouse elements while others make vintage style modern. It’s an eclectic mix of warmers that includes everything from antlers to polka dots. The price of these warmers range from $20 to $55. A few of my personal favorites include:

  • Crystal Ice: A bold iridescent blue warmer featuring a 40W Edison Bulb and reminiscent of of something glacial.
  • Open Plains: Perhaps the most unique Scentsy Warmer I’ve ever seen, this warmer is modeled after a longhorn cow skull.
  • Home Is Where My Dog/Cat Is: These Mini Warmers are so cute for your favorite animal love and they tie in perfectly with our Love Your Journey and Believe in Yourself warmers with their etched stone styling.

New Diffusers

Three new diffusers shades are being released including the Prosper Shade at just $40! This is the first appearance of a diffuser shade at this price point in our catalog. Prosper features a metallic copper shade with scrawling leaf style cutouts. Also being released is Inspirit, a fun multi-colored, confetti inspired shade, and Renew, a frosted white shade with a soothing wave pattern. The full Diffuser + Base system will range from $120 to $150.

Scentsy Go Solid & Wraps

Scentsy Go Solid

Along with the new lower-priced diffuser shade, a cool new Scentsy Go was unveiled. The Scentsy Go Solid looks and functions much like the original Scentsy Go, but does not have the 7-Color LED Lights or Eco Mode. It comes in white and lasts up to 10-hours – everything else is essentially the same, but it only costs $35! 

In addition to the Scentsy Go Solid, four warmer wraps were unveiled that will work with all of our Gos. These interchangeable wraps feature vibrant designs that stick right on your Go.

Stay tuned for more Fall/Winter goodies in the coming days & head to the shop September 1st to stock up for the season!

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